Kyong Kim is an architect and designer based in New York. Her work ranges in scale from a 12x12 pixel gif to a 12,000 square meter building. Her current interests include: precisely designed objects with ambiguous functions, handmade readymade, design failure, self-referential structures, and annotation without subjects. She currently works as an architect at 2x4 in New York.

Previously in New York, she worked at ASH, OMA, and nArchitects. She holds a Master of Architecture degree from Graduate School of Architecture, Planning , and Preservation at Columbia University, where she was awarded the Honor for Excellence in Design, the William Kinne Fellows Travelling Prize, and the Lucille Smyser Lowenfish Memorial Prize. Before moving to New York, she worked as an independent designer for cultural institutions and architects in Seoul, Korea. She was also an editor for Space Hamilton and Podopodo, an art space and online art journal in Seoul, as well as Graphic, a bilingual design magazine. 

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2018 Kyong Kim

✹ Autonomy & Autodigestion, Radical Urbanism, Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (Shenzen: 12 Nov – 28 Feb, 2016)
▥ Future of the Museum in China (Beijing: Studio-X, 3 Aug – 17 Aug, 2013)
♯“Test Site Delftsplein” Test Site, In: Rotterdam Architecture Biennale (Rotterdam: Dépendance, 1 Jul – 14 Jul, 2012)
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▲ "Yakdae Apartment" In: Next Step (Seoul: Burrebyulssi gallery, 16 Oct – 23 Oct 2009)
➭ Design Now: Concrete Utopia (Seoul: Design Olympiad, 10 Oct – 30 Oct 2008)
◧ (Un)Licensed Real Estate Agency at Heyri Pan Festival (Paju: Heyri Pan Festival, 20 Sep – 4 Oct 2008)
✿ ”Underworld Tour" In: DRS 01: Special City Study (Seoul: Sangsangmadang, 23 Apr – 30 Apr 2008)
⥁"Poster works: where have they all gone?" In: Faces of Future Design (Seoul: Mapo design cluster, 30 Jan – 8 Feb 2008)

◕ "Syllabus: Image & Text", Independent Study Guide, (Seoul: G& Press, 2015)
⚯ "Underworld: from Uljiro to Dongdaemun", In: Maps & Senses, GRAPHIC No.27 (Seoul: Propaganda, 2013)
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✾ "World Atlas of Design" In: DesignFlux Journal 01: Grope in the Dark (Seoul: DesignFlux, 2008)

➌ Master of Architecture, 2015,
Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, New York, USA
✹ Master of Interior Architecture, Unfinished, 2011–2012, Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag, Netherlands
➀ Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication, 2008, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea

♮Honorable Mention, Shenzen/Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (Shenzen/Hong Kong, 2016)
◕ Honor for Excellence in Design (Columbia University, New York, 2015)
⚐ William Kinne Fellows Travelling Prize (Columbia University, New York, 2015)
◆ Lucille Smyser Lowenfish Memorial Prize (Columbia University, New York, 2015)
◨ Adobe Design Achievement Award Finalist, Adobe (Print Communications, New York, 2008)

Full CV and portfolio available upon request.